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CyberKnife is a type of radiation therapy used to treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumours in various parts of the body. It uses a robotic arm to deliver high doses of radiation precisely to the tumour while minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

CyberKnife treatments consist of several steps. The first step is imaging, where CT scans or MRIs are used to create a detailed 3D map of the tumour and surrounding tissue. This allows CyberKnife to accurately target the tumour and adjust for any movement of the tumour or surrounding organs during treatment.

The patient is then placed on a treatment table and the CyberKnife robotic arm moves around the patient, delivering radiation from different angles. The treatment can last from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and location of the tumour.

One of the advantages of CyberKnife treatment is the ability to track and adjust tumour movement during treatment. This is particularly useful for tumours located in areas that move, such as the lungs or liver, or for patients who have difficulty remaining still during treatment.

The success rate of CyberKnife treatment depends on many factors, including the type, size and location of the tumour and the patient’s overall health. However, studies have shown that CyberKnife can be an effective treatment option for certain tumour types.

For example, a study published in Cancer in 2013 found that CyberKnife was highly effective in the treatment of prostate cancer, with a 5-year disease-free survival rate of 93.9%. Another study published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics in 2012 found that CyberKnife was effective in the treatment of lung cancer and the 3-year local control rate was 83%.

While CyberKnife can be an effective treatment option for many tumour types, it is important to discuss all treatment options with your doctor to determine the best course of action for your individual situation. As with any treatment, there may be potential side effects or risks associated with CyberKnife and these should be carefully considered before starting treatment.

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