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Y90 Transarterial Therapy

It is a radiological treatment method applied especially to patients with advanced liver cancer. This method aims to destroy cancer cells by injecting radioactive Y90 microspheres directly into the liver arteries.

Before starting the treatment, the arteries of the patient’s liver are examined to determine the spread of cancer cells. Then, Y90 microspheres are injected into one of these arteries through a thin catheter. The microspheres travel to the areas where the cancer cells are located and emit their radioactive material, causing the cancer cells to die.

Y90 transarterial therapy is used as an alternative to other cancer treatment methods. The effect of the treatment may vary depending on the stage of the cancer and the general health of the patient. However, it is considered an effective option to stop or slow the progression of the disease in patients with advanced liver cancer.

Y90 transarterial treatment is primarily performed by a radiologist and is carried out as follows:

1. Preparation: Prior to treatment, the patient’s general state of health and the stage of the cancer are assessed. In addition, the arteries of the patient’s liver are examined in detail.

2. Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia is usually used, but in some cases sedation or general anaesthesia may be required.

3. Catheter insertion: A thin catheter is inserted into an artery in the groin area. The catheter is advanced and directed towards the liver artery.

4. Microsphere Injection: Through the catheter, radioactive Y90 microspheres are injected into the liver artery. These microspheres reach the areas where the cancer cells are located, release their radioactive material and cause the cancer cells to die.

5. Afterwards: After the treatment, the general health condition of the patient is monitored. Patients are usually kept under observation in the hospital for a few hours. Pain, fatigue and other side effects may occur after treatment.

Y90 transarterial treatment may be repeated several times and may be administered at different doses depending on the patient’s health status. After treatment, patients are regularly checked and other treatment options are evaluated if necessary.

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