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Patient Stories

Victory Over Breast Cancer

Aizhan Nurmagambetov

Breast Cancer

A brave and resilient woman, Aizhan fought with extraordinary determination when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the guidance of the HelloGlobal Health care team and the support of her loving supporters, she never lost hope and resilience during the challenging treatment process. Through her bumpy journey, Aizhan discovered her inner strength and celebrated the triumph of her indomitable spirit by achieving remission. Now, she inspires others by emphasizing the importance of early detection and awareness. Aizhan's story shines as a reflection of overcoming adversity and the strengt...


Powerful Touch of CyberKnife

Ahmadi Sadeghi


Ahmadi encountered HelloGlobal Health`s team of experts while battling a deadly Glial Tumor. He begins treatment with the hope of shrinking his tumor through CyberKnife treatment. After a long and arduous journey, the tumor regresses and Ahmadi recovers stronger due to the impact of CyberKnife. This story is inspiring, telling of the triumph of the combination of technology and determination....



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